Open Positions

Main reserach areas of the Heinze group

Currently we are heavily engaged in biomimetic chemistry, photosynthesis, fundamentals of electron transfer reactions, novel organometallic reactions, homogeneous catalysis with transition metal complexes, transition metal complex chromophores for dye-sensitized solar cells and light-emitting electrochemical cells and transition metal complexes in sensor applications.

Current research themes include:

  • fundamental photosynthesis research: molecular wires (metallocenes), molecular light harvesting systems (porphyrins), molecular catalysts with appended chromophores (ruthenium complexes) and their wiring to complex systems
  • design, synthesis and optimisation of molecular components for dye-sensitized solar cells and light-emitting electrochemical cells
  • design, synthesis and optimisation of molecular luminescent complexes (preferred of 3d metal ions)
  • biomimetic research: ammonia synthesis (nitrogenase models), oxygen atom transfer (oxotransferase models)
  • design, synthesis and characterisation of complex systems with redoxactive metal centres and non-innocent ligands

For more details please check our recent publications, our group meetings or take a look at our most recent AK overview poster 2016 presented at the 6th Mainzer JCF AK Symposium 2016.

Modul- und Bachelor-Arbeiten für Studierende aus Mainz

sind in den Gebieten Koordinationschemie, Bioanorganische/biomimetische Chemie, Photochemie, Katalyse und Biometallorganische Chemie möglich. Bitte informieren Sie sich über konkrete aktuelle Themen anhand unserer aktuellen Publikationen, schnuppern Sie unverbindlich in unser AG Seminar (Freitags, 10:00, 225.3.136 Forschungsflügel Nord, 3. OG; SR 136) oder kontaktieren Sie die wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter.

Positions for master theses

are available for highly motivated students (chemistry or biomedical chemistry). Please contact Prof. Dr. Katja Heinze by Email application with the usual documents (CV, certificates, subject of interest).