Team AK Heinze

Who we are:
As a team we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds thrive, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or country of origin. We value and foster collaboration within and outside our group, and we welcome multiple approaches and points of view.

Back row: Florian Reichenauer, Jonas Grenz, Maurice Schrick, Steven Sittel, Adrian Sauer, Dimitri Zorn, Philipp Sikora
Middle row: Christoph Förster, Alexandra König, Robert Naumann, Thomas Reuter, Alexander Fischer, Winald Kitzmann, Moritz Förster
Front row: Katja Heinze, Laura Stein, Franka Philippi, Lukas Sorge, Phillip Reichert, Patrick Becker, Sandra Kronenberger
Missing: Nathan East

Back row: Katja Heinze, Johannes Moll, Alexandra König, Dimitri Zorn, Thomas Reuter, Steven Sittel, Maurice Schrick, Winald Kitzmann, Christoph Förster, Sven Waniek
Front row: Alexander Fischer, Saskia Bär, Laura Stein, Lukas Sorge, Matthias Dorn, Florian Reichenauer, Nathan East
Missing: Philipp Sikora, Minh Thu Pham (on parental leave)

Back row: Christoph Förster, Nathan East, Maurice Schrick, Taro Lieberth, Johannes Moll, Winald Kitzmann, Marius Werner, Sven Waniek, Thomas Reuter, Florian Reichenauer
Front row: Philipp Veit, Alexandra König, Cristina-Maria Hirschbiegel, Laura Stein, Lucas Kleinort, Matthias Dorn, Lukas Sorge, Katja Heinze, Shadab Gharaati
Missing: Oliver Back, Patrick Becker, Giuseppe Bengasi, Max Lauck, Jessica Muziol, Sebastian Preiß, Sven Otto, Minh Thu Pham (on parental leave), Nils Schewe, Carla Volkert

Back row: Andreas Mengel, Christoph Förster, Christoph Kreitner, Maria Kasteleiner, Andreas Neidlinger, Sebastian Preiß, Maximilian Lauck, Torben Kienz, Philip Heier,
Front row: Christian Bissinger, Katja Heinze, Kristina Hüttinger, Sven Otto, Raphael Lauenstein, Minh Thu Pham, Philipp Veit, Oliver Back

Back row: Andreas Mengel, Jana Leppin, Torben Kienz, Philip Heier, Christoph Förster, Aaron Breivogel
Front row: Christoph Kreitner, Anica Wünsche von Leupoldt, Jascha Melomedov, Katja Heinze, Kristina Hüttinger, Ursula Zmij, Kerstin Ivenz, Petra Auerbach, Andreas Neidlinger